Breaking New Ground

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Archive for April, 2008

Spring has sprung!

Spring has most definitely sprung here in the Pioneer Valley, and amidst the riotous blossoming there is much activity. Dietz Construction has arrived to dig up and divert some underground drainage piping so that they can put in the new access road. The truth is, the digging has been going on for days but those of us whose offices are eye-level with all the action have not been able to discern the purpose until today. As a small crane lowered a huge cement cylinder into the big hole back where the loading dock used to be, one of my coworkers speculated out loud that perhaps the Book Center was finally installing that hot tub we’ve been asking for? But no. It’s all about drainage, at this point.



Changing Landscapes

Dirt, dirt and more dirt – where there used to be apple trees and gently sloping lawns. At the moment, that’s the view from my office. There are backhoes parked outside my window ready to roar into action and an army of robins feasting on the worms that were uncovered when the grass was stripped away. This early stage of the construction process at the Book Center is like early spring in New England: all promise and anticipation but not much to look at. Change, however, is in the air. Paul Hursty, field manager for Kelleher Construction, is striding amongst the robins, assessing progress and planning next steps. And signs of spring are everywhere. By this time next week, the view from my window might be entirely different.