Breaking New Ground

Watch the progress on our planned 21,000 square foot expansion and renovation of existing space!

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Direct from the Site

We’re going up! The two-story steel skeleton that will become the Kaplen Family Building is taking shape. The wooden beams have arrived and are being hoisted into place; soon a crew will show up to begin installing the metal studs that will form the exterior walls of the performance hall, the kosher kitchen, and other rooms. We’ll also be receiving the dozens of windows that will be installed in these walls, bringing light into the new space, and allowing students, staff and visitors to enjoy the beautiful New England landscape outside.

Next to the education building, the huge concrete foundation for the new Yiddish book repository is already in the ground. Once the concrete crew finishes the internal columns, they’ll begin installing what’s called in the trades the “false work” — a forest of poles that provides temporary support for the freshly poured concrete roof, which is expected to weigh upwards of 1.6 million pounds when wet. The contractor is racing to make the entire project weather-tight before Thanksgiving and is pretty much right on schedule.